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Located in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, La Gomera island was declared a Biosphere Reserve in 2012, currently we have two world heritage, The Garajonay National Park and the Silbo Gomero (the latter inmateriDSC 1199al). Place of departure of Christopher Columbus to America, San Sebastián capital, popularly known as the "Villa" by gum trees, houses important historical monuments such as the Torre del Conde or The Church of the Assumption. Despite the ruggedness of its terrain, vast and deep ravines cross it, the island has a good road network to visit the most picturesque places and enjoy breathtaking scenery.

 From a geological point of view La Gomera is the only island in the Canary Islands that has not developed during the Quaternary volcanic activity, the absence of modern materials which counteract the absence of erosion mechanisms, has given the extraordinary and tormented orography it has. In the subaerial building on the island they have made measurements of up to 9 meters high in ancient basalts. Another basic features of the rubber topography is the existence of numerous domes, pythons and roques, which have been exhumed by the intense erosive actiividad. Capricious formations as "bodies" (pictured below) can be seen on our shores.

 Rent a Car Piñero, company car rental pioneer in Colombina Island, has offices in the most important centers of the island such as its capital San Sebastian, Valle Gran Rey (important tourist center south of the island), Playa Santiago (flirty fishing village) and the Airport of La Gomera, this infrastructure provides a high level of security to our customers every time they decide to move around the island using one of our rental vehicles. For this reason and because we guarantee many years in the sector of car hire in La Gomera, we are picky about the quality of our fleet, giving the customer a wide range of tranquility while traveling on our roads ..